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How We Work

Healthcare Experts

Healthcare video is our passion.

We have years of experience shooting in exam and operating rooms.  We are well-versed in HIPAA and the unique challenges of healthcare marketers.

Online Scheduling

Our online scheduling tool makes the process easy for your physicians, clinic managers and your marketing team. Schedule visibility and automated emails streamline the entire process.

National Network

Our team of video professionals 

is located across the country. 

We use local videographers ensuring there are no additional travel costs 

when you work with us.

Cost Effective

We support your video investment 

with volume pricing and the ability to scale for larger systems. Our videos improve your SEO/SEM and are designed for mobile and social media. 

Efficient Process

We collaborate with you to simplify the process of producing videos. We work as an extension of your marketing team to make video a key component of your digital strategy.

High Quality

We’ve been recognized with a series of national marketing awards for healthcare video. We create engaging content that captures your audience and gives your physicians increased exposure.

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