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3 Ways Video Builds Strong Relationships with Your Patients

As part of our 'To The Point' blog, we've added a new video series. Our team gets in front of the camera to share insights on the latest in healthcare video production and content strategy.

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Marketers are revisiting their communication strategy with the shift that has occurred within the healthcare landscape.  It is an emotional time, which means connecting, being transparent and building strong relationships with patients is at the forefront.

Healthcare Marketers find themselves working hard to convey a sense of stability and comfort for their community.  In many cases, it goes back to the basics of illustrating core messages through compelling story content.

1. Video provides clear, concise content. Patients are looking to your health system for answers around how to access care today. As a health system brand, it’s essential to show first-hand the steps you are taking to create a safe place for them. Content examples: What are the new guidelines around hospital visits, how do they set up a virtual visit, and what current COVID-19 resources are available? 

As an Example: Frost & Sullivan suggests Telehealth's uptake will increase by 64.3% nationwide this year, given the disruptions of COVID-19. One reason to increase awareness around this care option. For More info around Telehealth Video Content Click Here

2.  Video conveys trust, comfort, and connection.  Physicians and nurses have become the prominent voice of health systems. People are tuning in to see and hear what these frontline experts have to say. Watching an entire support system working together conveys a positive image of your health system as a whole.  

3. Video increases engagement and retention.  Your health system’s operational protocols or important messages around Service Line updates can answer FAQs and give patients confidence to make decisions and take the next steps in their care during this uncertain time. 62% of consumers say they consume video content thoroughly in comparison to other forms of content (Hubspot)

Today's Video Production Process

At this time, we are taking extra precautions during our video production process when partnering with our health systems to make sure all involved stay safe. Our streamlined, efficient process remains the same:  We only take 30 minutes of a physician's time (this includes b-roll) and provide a quick turn-around time for a quality end-product. 

Video Content for The Patient Journey - Infographic

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