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Measuring Video Success - It’s More Than Views

Marketing in healthcare presents challenges that most other types of businesses do not experience. It is the nature of the complex health world – from regulations to navigate through to providing content that addresses the personal nature of a patient’s health. Working within these parameters is a big task when developing content. Once completed, it’s then time to run the numbers. Yes, metrics – No matter what you put out there, the question becomes - “Is it working?”

There are so many statistics around video that show it is a valuable marketing medium. And it’s easy to get caught up in looking at the number of views for your video as the main benchmark. While having people see your video is important, we prefer to go deeper with our healthcare clients. One key measure we analyze is the length of view.

Let’s say you attach a one-minute profile video to a physician’s bio on the “Find A Doctor” section of your website, but it only gets watched for 5-10 seconds. Do you expect the prospective patient to schedule an appointment based on watching a video for such a short amount of time? Is it likely the patient-to-be connected with the physician? Probably not.

If a viewer is willing to invest the time to watch 70% or more of the video, we consider them engaged. This is someone who is inclined to book an appointment.

As marketers, you know the advantages to video, but we wanted to share a relatable example of a health system putting their videos to work and using intentional targeting that equated to some pretty amazing results.

A health system’s success with Video – and the analytics to back it up!

THE BACKGROUND The health system we worked with brought on a new orthopedic surgeon who specialized in foot and ankle care. The idea was to use video to introduce him to the community. We first created a physician profile video to enhance his bio in the provider directory and make sure patients could find him when they were doing an online search.

During the same interview for his profile video, we also gathered content to produce a tailored procedure video specific to ankle replacement, a unique surgery the doctor performs. We matched his explanation with high-tech 3D animation to make the procedure video. The marketing team used the procedure video both on their website and as part of a paid campaign on YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. It is also the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. Every day people watch 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube.




Physician Profile Video – 357 Views

• Average length of view = :51 (84% of the total video)

Procedure Video – 5,760 Views

• Average length of view = 1:00 (76% of the total video)


In both videos, the length of view % shows viewers are staying on the video, meaning it is relatable and relevant to them. This health system is reaching the right patient audience, and through the necessary algorithms, these videos are being found through searches.

Here’s another example of a physician profile video on YouTube hitting the mark with its audience. This video was promoted on the health system’s website and in a paid YouTube campaign. The average length of view is 94% of the video.


Videos are capable of providing the best customer experience from a content perspective. Their design is an effective way to answer health questions and provide useful information in an easy to understand format. In this case, the numbers speak for themselves. Each health system will have its own goals and analytics they want to aspire to – video can get you there.

What is your health system’s next strategy for promoting videos?

Learn More about clients we serve and our video production process.

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