Orthopedic Portfolio



Building trust and connecting with your patients start with your orthopedic team.  We develop impactful one-minute videos that bring your practice to life. We value your team's time so we only need 30 minutes to shoot a profile video.

  Orthopedic Surgeon
   Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon   



Sharing stories gives you the opportunity to highlight successes and increase the comfort level of potential patients.  Our team follows a patient’s journey of how they get back to doing the activities they love.

  Hip and Knee Replacement
  Knee Replacement  



Helping patients understand complex orthopedic procedures can be a challenge.  We incorporate a physician’s explanation of a procedure along with patient b-roll, and high-quality, powerful animation to provide a clear picture of treatment.

  Rotator Cuff Repair  
  ACL Repair



Medical animation is a dynamic tool.  By utilizing 3D animations, we help you present orthopedic procedure options in a format that is easy for patients to understand and allows them to make informed treatment decisions.

  Shoulder Replacement  
  Ankle Replacement   


Showcase your orthopedic practice with videos highlighting your team and facilities. 

  CHI Franciscan Health 
  Stanford Children’s Health   

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