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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Video Production Partner

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Healthcare marketers understand the value of video. In some cases, marketing teams even have an internal production team. But with the increasing need for video content, they don't have the bandwidth to do it all. The statistic below continues to grow daily. As a result, healthcare marketers are turning to qualified partners who act as an extension of their marketing team.  

78% of people watch online videos every week,

and 55% view online videos every day (Source)

How do you qualify a healthcare video partner - a team that you can successfully collaborate with to get branded, timely, strategic video content to your patient audience? 

Consider these 5 points when choosing your video partner:

1. HEALTHCARE SPECIFIC: Your video partner should understand the intricacies and challenges health systems face when it comes to capturing video content and footage. For example: Being well-versed in HIPAA and experienced with shooting in exam and operating rooms. Interviewing physicians requires a specific and unique skillset. Obtaining valuable material is dependent on the right interviewing format and questions. Learn More >> How to Capture Physicians in the Best Light

2. DEDICATED EXPERTISE: A right partner takes a discussion around strategy and marketing goals and drives the process to implementation. They're up to speed on the latest industry trends and best practices. Their diverse background has strategies and tactics proven to get results within the broader healthcare market. 

3. CAPTURING CONTENT: To remain competitive, healthcare marketers must advance alongside today's fast-paced digital world and have a long-term plan in place to stand out from the competition. A strategic partner will have a plan in place to capture content to the fullest for use across multiple channels. Editing should be done in a way to maximize footage and is optimized specifically for each digital platform.

4. INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Being efficient goes beyond time- it also includes any associated costs. Marketers are taxed to do more with fewer resources. A valuable partner can take the current resources available and put into play their skill set, experience, and overall knowledge to efficiently get video projects completed. In turn, allowing marketers to focus on the bigger picture and outsource to a partner that can accomplish these goals within the means provided.  

5. COMMUNICATION: The ability to work with marketers to understand the challenges and any resource limitations that may be involved. A skilled video partner can strategize creative solutions. Actively listening and having an open conversation can lead to better teamwork, a clear roadmap to getting through any roadblocks, and faster problem-solving.  

It's about getting the content to the patient and giving them access to the right information so they can make informed decisions around their health. When all these factors come together, you will serve both the best interest of your patient and your health system. 

We partner with your team to identify how strategic video content fits into your marketing strategy and meets your patient's needs at every step of their journey. 

Wondering how Video integrates with the Patient Journey? >> CLICK HERE

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