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Video Content for the Patient Journey (Infographic)

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Today's savvy patient is proactively searching and researching answers to questions around their health. Recently Manasi Kekan stated, "Patient expectations and decision making are influenced by their other consumer experiences as well as the abundance of new entrants to healthcare. These new healthcare delivery companies seem much more focused on their patients' consumer experience…"

Patients have high expectations for their healthcare journey. Video can answer their questions, solidify their decision, and engage them in a way that results in an action. Video is a powerful medium that captures the attention of an audience - consumers are inundated daily with the onslaught of information coming their way. They are looking to find answers in an easy, quick, and accessible format. Video provides a connection you can't replicate in text form or even static imagery. It tells a compelling story that brings a patient from awareness all the way to an appointment.

At SHSMD this month healthcare leaders had a lot of conversations around patients and meeting their needs as a consumer. Keynote speaker, Zeev Neuwirth's presentation was all about consumerism in healthcare. He, along with others, believe that healthcare marketers and strategists can work to reframe the system to focus on connecting with people and developing meaningful relationships to meet their needs better. (SHSMD, 2019)

We partner with your team to identify how strategic video content fits into your marketing strategy and meets your patient's needs at every step of their journey. Contact us to learn more.

What you should know about today's patient: Video Marketing: 4 Key Messages

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