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Video Marketing for Today’s Patient: 4 Key Messages

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

We recently had the opportunity to be part of the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit 2019 in Chicago last month – this marked our 4th year at this event.  If you don’t know about this conference it is a great way to learn about healthcare from some of the leaders in the industry.  They speak to a series of topics around healthcare marketing, connecting with patient audiences and physician relationships. They also dive into current trends, technologies, and marketing strategies.  

We are part of the exhibit portion of the conference, but we also attend portions of the speaker series so we can keep our finger on the pulse (pun intended) on what is happening in the world of healthcare. We go in with the intentional question of:  How can we be a strategic partner with our healthcare marketing clients and provide a video strategy in line with patient audience trends? We are a video production company, but our goal goes beyond just producing a high-quality end product. We make it a point to never stop learning and engaging with marketers who are in it day in and day out. This continues to strengthen us as storytellers around everything…. and we mean everything that embodies a healthcare system.  And to also understand explicitly the current patient journey as technology and access to digital information continues to be on the rise.

The thought leaders who spoke at HMPS took the time to do case studies, gather statistics and spread the word about what is important in healthcare at this very moment. Patient relationships have always been at the core but the way to reach patients has drastically changed course over the past several years. Digital marketing has changed the face of how we communicate and through what mediums. Included in this is video. It’s one of the leading approaches to tell a healthcare system’s brand story.  Marketers are making it a priority to develop and implement an effective video content marketing strategy.  

4 Key Messages:

1. Consumer Focused World:  Decisions around healthcare choices are much more patient-driven.  They are actively doing their own research on symptoms and treatments.  The goal is to make it easy for them to find the right choice.  How your healthcare system is perceived has become increasingly important with patients being much more consumer driven.  

“60% of consumers are watching and reading about health and wellness,

a 22% increase from last year” (Monigle)

Video’s Role - Video content is a versatile and engaging format that gives a real-life picture of how your healthcare system operates.   Videos can also be used to educate patients about different conditions, procedures, and treatments. Short 30 second or one-minute videos on social media platforms around Health Awareness can help inform patients on signs, symptoms, and ways to prevent complications.

2. Personalized Patient Journey:  Healthcare leaders are looking at all the touchpoints within their organization that nurture and guide patients to select their healthcare system.  Potential patients want to know a healthcare system has all the options that are specifically important to them or their family. This can be anything from connecting with the right provider to identifying if your system is a leader in a certain procedure or treatment. The personalized journey leads to greater acquisition and retention of patients.

Video’s Role: Because of video’s engaging component and being able to see and hear stories – it’s easier to digest, retain and recall.  For example, service line or procedural videos around a specific topic can calm any fears and answer questions that come along with these procedures. More importantly, they clearly illustrate the procedure they will be experiencing through detailed doctor accounts and 3D animation. Customer testimonial videos are another way for patients to relate with those going through the same health journey, address concerns and see the successful outcome.  

3. Customer Experience:  One of the challenges to get potential patients’ attention is first cutting through all the noise and clutter that exists.  Providing an impactful first impression often starts online as patients are beginning to research their choices from a big pool of options.  

"As our research repeatably shows, the health care experience begins long before a person enters the building, and it has repercussions for long after, too.  That means if your organization isn't addressing experience from a broad, multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary perspective, it's missing the mark." (Monigle)

Video’s Role:  Physician profile videos are a way to highlight a physician's talent, expertise, personality and passion in a one – minute video.  Incorporating physician profile videos within your online provider directory is an effective way to “introduce” a physician before a patient ever steps inside the office.  This small add drives potential patients to take the next step and schedule an appointment.

AT HMPS Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles presented this finding – the most important content:  Doctor Profiles.

4. A Healthcare System’s Brand Story:

“Enable People to interact across virtual and physical locations to create a seamless and consistent experience, online or in person.”

Ann Goldman (MultiCare Health System) Chris Boyer (M Health Fairview)

Video’s Role: Video builds a story of who you are – it takes all those stories and sends a consistent message about the values, goals, and mission of your healthcare system.  It conveys your reputation as being a leader in the healthcare industry.  Video is also a dynamic way to attract and get other reputable physicians excited about being part of the story you are building around your healthcare system.

We’ve worked in the healthcare realm for over 10 years and have been producing videos for even longer. Our team understands how these two elements work together – both from a storytelling perspective and production standpoint.  Point Across Media’s streamlined production process leads to an end-product that supports your digital and content marketing goals for today’s patients. Click below to watch some of the stories we’ve created for our current healthcare clients.    

Support the patient’s journey through these video options:

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