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COVID-19 Resource: Best Practices for Capturing Video Immediately

We see how hard healthcare marketers are working on getting timely resources out to both their patient communities and the medical staff within their health systems around COVID-19. One strategy currently being used is to communicate guidelines and provide medical guidance through video content captured on smartphones.

At Point Across Media, we understand the importance of using high-quality video to tell your story. It not only clearly explains complex and critical information, but it also provides a human connection that is needed, especially in today's current environment. Right now, hiring a professional or crafting fully produced content is challenging – information changes daily – the priority is to get messages out quickly and without hesitation. Using your smartphone can be a great solution that allows you to leverage the power of video and stay up to speed with healthcare updates that are moving quickly.

We thought it would be helpful to provide some best practices as you put yourself behind the camera during this time.

Smartphone Video Recommendations

If you or your team have a specific question around healthcare videos or production, please contact us at any time:

From Point Across Media, we are extending a huge thanks to all staff who are part of your health system – we appreciate all your efforts and dedication to keep people safe and healthy.

MarTech Health has a dedicated page to Healthcare Marketing Resources and Events around COVID-19

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