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How Marketers Can Use Video to Support Telehealth

Telehealth is changing the paradigm of healthcare – the provider is now being brought to the patient. COVID-19 has led to considerable awareness around this virtual and vital resource – Forester Research estimates virtual healthcare interaction to top 1 billion by year-end.

We are witnessing healthcare marketers working harder than ever to provide high-value content for their patients, equipping their community with the information they need to care for themselves and their families. Marketing teams are also adapting to the current shift and reworking how information is delivered, especially in the case of Telemedicine. With virtual visits on the rise, consumers are searching within a health system’s website for answers around how to access Telehealth. In many cases, it is now the first touchpoint to building a relationship with not only your medical staff but your health system as well.

Video Content for Telehealth Support

Below are ways to use video to help you market your Telehealth platform. These are designed to provide a clear outline of your care and your health system’s dedication to wellness.

1. Preparing for a Telehealth Visit: Content around Informational / FAQ – Illustrate the ease and effectiveness of virtual visits, how payment is collected, HIPAA compliance, availability, urgent care vs. primary care, contact numbers or important links.

2. Instructions to Schedule an Appointment: Provide a step by step process on how to schedule a Telehealth call with a provider. Visuals on how a video interaction looks from both a patient and a doctor perspective.

3. Patient Success Story: Highlight a story around a patient using Telehealth for their treatment and their successful outcome.

4. Internal Messages: Give your care team clear instructions on how Telehealth is designed to support their role and the health system as a whole. And how to guide patients with this new healthcare technology.

Benefits of Marketing Telehealth With Video Content

• Video is a strong medium that builds connectedness and relationships. Your health system will become the trusted advisor by remaining present and available for your patients.

• Boosts consumer confidence around talking with a medical professional through technology vs. in person.

• Encourages patients to be proactive about their health and wellness.

• Watching how the process works will alleviate concerns or apprehensions for those using Telehealth for the first time.

• Provides information in a clear format, reducing the number of phone calls with questions.

• Video is easy to share on any digital platform for access at any time.

Virtual visits are an opportunity to stay connected with your patients, to provide care no matter their location, and to encourage the use of this new healthcare resource even as communities begin to recover. A strong marketing campaign, along with compelling content around Telehealth, will lead to not only a broader audience, but early adoption of this new form of care.

We are available to assist your healthcare marketing team in any way, so please feel free to reach out with any questions. – The Point Across Media Team

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