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4 Ways To Maximize Your Videos

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Marketers in the healthcare industry understand the power of Video as a storytelling medium and the role it plays as part of video marketing. The question becomes are you using videos to their fullest to support your digital marketing strategy and goals? We have outlined 4 simple areas to consider that are cost-effective and will not add to your current marketing budget.


Videos can be used on websites, social media platforms, blogs, shared through e-mail, on mobile apps or in webinars. While each of these platforms may have different video specifications in layout, this can easily be adjusted during the video production process or in the editing room. Your website is the clear route for video integration to improve SEO, but consider your social media platforms. 2019 trends show Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have emerged as the top platforms for video marketing – attracting patients, increasing reach and engagement, as well as boosting retention.

Our recent work with CHI Franciscan Health was to create a social media piece featuring a patient’s medical journey. This particular piece was optimized for Facebook to include closed captions.

2. VIDEO PRODUCTION: Often times there is a misconception around the complexities of getting a robust amount of footage. The idea that filming can take weeks and be disruptive to your business. This is not the case. Through our team’s creative and efficient process, footage can be obtained in 1-2 day shoots to be used in various capacities – whether it is a physician profile to live on your website or taking the same footage and using it to inform patients of wellness topics on your social media channels. All of this can be accomplished in one easy cost-effective shoot.

3. CONTENT STRATEGY: A clear content strategy calendar keeps your video content organized and consistent. Determine how your video will be featured over the course of a month or several weeks. Knowing where and when you will post can help distribute the same content but cover more of your audience through various platforms.

4. VIDEO DESCRIPTIONS AND TAGGING: Descriptions play a huge role when it comes to video for SEO. Google uses search crawlers to determine your video content. When you upload your video you will be given the option to complete descriptions and tagging. Take the time to complete this with relevant key words – this will improve your google rank. Utilize this helpful keyword tool by google.

Implement just even one of the above and you are on your way to more video content!

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