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Physician Profile Videos: Beyond the Provider Directory

Your physicians are key influencers to your patient audience and within your health system. Incorporating their voice is a priority when developing content. Physician profile videos can be used for more than your online physician directory. In this episode of our 'To the Point' Video Blog, we share some suggestions for getting extra mileage from your physician profiles.

Where to Use Physician Profiles

Beyond the Provider Directory – while your physician profile videos are a tremendous asset to a bio, their versatility can be used across a variety of forums.  Get the most out of these videos to expand your message and make the most out of your marketing dollars.

SERVICE LINE RECOVERY  Patients are wary of getting back into hospitals, and at the same time, individual service lines are working hard to generate revenue.  Use your physician profiles to showcase their expertise in a specific area and assure your patients around the safety of elective surgeries.

TELEHEALTH Reading about a physician's background is valuable, but seeing their presence and hearing them is a powerful first impression. Patients are more likely to make an immediate decision around their care.  Video on this platform will provide a clear picture of a doctor's personality and skill that can only be illustrated through video.  

SOCIAL MEDIA Include physicians on your social platforms.  You only need a 15-30 second clip from their profile video to get a strong message across.  Want more views?  Video is easy to share - target a specific location and demographic to hit the right audience. 


Communicate your physician's success when treating patients in today's environment.  Demonstrate how patient care looks; this visual can be shared internally with their peers.  Leverage each of your providers' unique personality and specialty to strengthen the connections within your health system. 

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