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5 Ways to Boost Your Video SEO

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Your healthcare videos tell an important story around your patients and the people who make up your healthcare system. As a marketer, you know the clearest way to send a message that is both engaging and captivating is through video. Video is a storytelling medium your audience can learn from, take action, get answers, connect with medical staff and so much more. And with the growth of video in the digital marketing realm, it’s essential to have your video stand out amongst the rest. Checking the below SEO to do's off your list can increase your ranking and get your healthcare system’s story in front of a larger audience.

1. Building a Quality Story– It’s safe to say your marketing team has so many wonderful stories to work with that transpire within your healthcare world. From the story of a physician and their love of what they do, or the group of doctors within a specialty making important advancements, to the new cutting-edge medical procedures happening – there’s a lot to share. Creating videos around these stories will have a positive impact on your SEO. The key piece to this is building a story that clearly and concisely speaks to your message and your brand. You should also take into consideration the actual quality of the end product. There are so many storiesto select from, but the quality is what will make your video stand out. According to HubSpot – “people tend to analyze video more closely than any other type of content on the internet.” Videos compel viewers to slow down and pay attention as opposed to written words like an article. Your viewers will make a decision in the first few seconds, whether or not they want to stick to watching your video or simply move on to another option.

2. Video Sitemap: While it’s great to have an awesome end product, you still have to take some steps to reach a wide audience. Between physician profiles, testimonials, health awareness subjects, and fundraising videos it is likely your website houses a lot of videos. A video site map is a text file that incorporates key information about your video content located on your website. Submitting a sitemap to Google notifies search engines that you have a video, its title, description and the audience you want to target. The information residing in these sitemaps will get your video correctly indexed by search engines.

3. Metadata: This is data attached to your video for search engines to access and includes: title, description, and tags (keywords). It is essential to complete this information so search engines can correctly rank your video and ensure your content reaches your patient audience.

This is easy to complete – we advise the following:

  • Spend time creating an engaging video title. Focus on putting keywords at the beginning of your title.

  • Provide a description with a minimum of 200 words. This is an opportunity to include keywords throughout the description and let your viewer know what your content includes. Do keyword research to ensure you’re incorporating keywords people are searching.

  • Your tags (keywords) must be relevant to your content. Relevant and precise tags help you rank better.

3 tools to find keywords for your video content:

-In YouTube’s search bar type in your keywords and it will display auto-suggestions.

-Google Trends: Shows you the search volume over time for your topic.

-Google’s Keyword Planner: This is a great instructional article written by Backlinko to apply this tool in 2019

4. Video Transcripts: Transcripts are used because Google bots cannot search video content. The transcripts are the text to accompany your video. While keywords play a vital role, video transcripts increase your keyword density and variety. As a result, transcripts give search engines a better idea of how to rank you by using the series of significant terms instead of just the specific words used in your video description, title, and tags. Point Across Media provides video transcripts to our clients for better search results. If you want to learn more about the features of video transcripts Google supplies additional details and instructions on how to upload them to your video: Video Transcript Details

5. Audience Engagement: Social Media comments and likes help to increase the status of your video, in turn improving your video’s exposure and driving more patients to your website. The healthcare industry has so many stories that viewers are likely to share around health subjects. For example, patient stories about a medical journey that directly affects them or someone they know. Last month we wrote about the importance of leveraging social media and how to optimize for these platforms – Are you leveraging your social media platforms?

Incorporating videos that support your digital marketing platforms, as well as taking into account these SEO best practices have the power of converting leads to patients.

Connect with us today and we can walk you through our streamlined, efficient and creative video production process. We work with clients who have varying video marketing strategies and budgets. We can find video solutions and video packages that are best for you.

Bypass Procedural Video - In this 90 second story we provide details around this procedure, as well as reassure patients that this is a safe & low risk surgery.

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