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Increasing Patient Engagement Through Videos with Animation

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Our partnership with our clients is to build videos that send a clear, concise, and compelling message. To achieve this outcome, our team continues to research, seek out, and determine what key elements will elevate the videos we produce for healthcare systems. Here's one component that has been hugely successful for our clients.

A key element? Including high-quality, detailed 3D animation as part of Service Line, Procedure, and Social Media Video solutions. But not just any animation – there are a lot of options out there. Several years ago, we started the journey to find the best of the best. The outcome – we are celebrating a 4-year partnership with Nucleus Medical Media. Not only is their passion for healthcare and the patient audience in line with ours, but their medical animation is a leader in the market. We discovered that their high-quality animations made our stories that much more valuable to patients. The combination of a physician explaining a procedure and 3D animation resulted in highly useful video content for patients. These videos helped to provide an optimum experience for patients. 

Why Nucleus Media's Animation?

• Nucleus Medical Media is the largest employer of graduate-degreed medical animators, illustrators, and medical writers in the world.

• Nucleus Medical Media’s highly specialized animations depict human anatomy, physiology, surgical procedures, and disease progressions.

• A team of people check and double-check the output ahead of each deliverable sent to the client.

Video + 3D Animation = Your Results:

• "71% of consumers are doing their own research on symptoms & treatments, an increase of 6% from last year" (Source: Monigle) Decisions around healthcare choices are much more patient-driven. They are actively researching their symptoms and treatments. Animations present procedures in a format that is easy for patients to understand so they can make informed treatment decisions.

• Patients retain more and can grasp harder concepts when they visually see a process, especially when your health topic is complex or abstract. Animation simplifies procedures and describes them in a highly visual way (which our brains are better at translating). In turn, it gives patients the confidence to take the next steps in their healthcare plan.

• Videos incorporating both a physician and 3D animation give patients a reference tool before and after their visit. They can review it before their appointment to prepare any questions and as a reference once they leave a doctor's office to help alleviate any concerns. Videos that clearly convey a process leads to fewer questions from a patient, resulting in decreased calls to physicians and staff.

Connect with us today, and we can walk you through our streamlined, efficient, and creative video production process. We partner with clients to create a video strategy that will increase engagement and encourage patients to take the next step in their healthcare journey.

Nucleus Medical Media & Point Across Media will be at the upcoming Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) in Nashville this September. Come by and meet our teams!

Watch our current work that includes

Nucleus Medical Media’s animation:

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