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How Does Video Play into Your Content Strategy?

Video is a big piece to a health system's overall content strategy. It complements existing content to build a clear message to prospective and current patients. It is a valuable investment considering the amount of written medical information that has saturated the industry. Video marketing helps to break through the noise on google or social platforms with heavy written content. Video is a powerful and effective way to spread your marketing message, taking your content marketing efforts to the next level.

Why is video such a powerful medical marketing tool?

It attracts new patients, makes your health system a thought leader in the industry, fosters relationships with current & potential patients, and boosts SEO. Plus, video gives your audience clarity, comfort, and a sense of connection, empowering them to take the next steps towards a final decision.

Watching patients tell their stories, listening to a medical provider speak to their specialty, and seeing your health system demonstrate patient care makes a significant impression with viewers. Video drives results when paired with great content. According to a recent study, videos increase a consumer's confidence when it is time to make a selection.


Build Deeper, More Trusting Relationships

Every individual has a personal journey when it comes to his/her health. There is a need for health systems to connect with their audience on an emotional level. The theory marketers are using is a relationship first mindset, a substantial undertaking when marketing to savvy consumers who are researching their health needs. It can be a challenge for marketers to convey a sense of trust, reliability, and confidence around their health system. A high-quality video that encompasses the sound of a voice, music, lighting, and language has a positive impact on a viewer. Video evokes emotion, keeping a viewer engaged, and also increases content retention.

The goal is to give the consumer confidence to choose a doctor, a service line, and look to your health system as the go-to resource. Your video becomes memorable, and so does your brand.

Videos that appeal to a person's emotions make decision making easier. Educating patients is also a big piece to the confidence behind making a decision. Adding value to the lives of your audience through authentic, informative, problem-solving content is key. It demonstrates that your health system is a thought leader in healthcare. Building awareness starts the process of building trust, equating to a higher rate of consumer conversions.

Example: Health Awareness topics – such as skin cancer or diabetes. Creating content that informs your audience of preventive measures and solutions. This 30-second video is part of a social media campaign to address High Blood Pressure:

Get Conversions

Viewers searching for information around health and who watch your video are already engaged and receptive. A natural next step - Optimize your videos with a clear call to action.

Example: A Physician/Provider Profile Video can have a "Book Appt/ Request Appt" button or a phone number right next to it. Your audience is already on this page; a clear call to action makes it easy for them to know what steps to take next.

AHA Media conducted a comprehensive Study on what patients want to see from physician bios/profiles. One of the points is how video is an "effective tool to go beyond basics and let a doctor's personality shine through." Making a strong first impression gets a viewer to take action.

Video through social media platforms can get someone to your website. Once on your website, videos with different subjects engage and lead your audience to various parts of your website and towards the action you hope to accomplish – whether that's signing up for your email newsletter, contacting a physician or following your health system's social channels. Keeping visitors on your website will also improve SEO performance.

Video Examples to Drive an Action: A Service Line video can highlight a team, along with the latest technology advances >>> taking them to a Physician Bio within that Service Line highlighting who will be responsible for their treatment >>>to a Patient Testimonial of someone who went through the same journey they will be experiencing >>> leading to a Procedural video with 3D animation that explains complex treatments in a clear format. Together these tell a story of how a patient's care will look- empowering them to make a decision.

This INFOGRAPHIC Illustrates each stage of the patient journey through video.

Video is an influential communication medium; it gives visitors certainty on their decision and leads to an increased visitor to patient conversion rate.

Reach & Grow A Larger Audience

Video has the capability of living within all sorts of digital channels. So, where does your video live? For healthcare systems, it's where your patient audience is – Everywhere!

Consumers are researching their health questions, and the first place they go is online. From Google searches to engagement through social media outlets, videos help boost a health system's organic search rankings.

The versatility of videos makes it easy to include in multiple places: website, content hubs, email marketing campaigns, and social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest). The possibilities are limitless, and the result is attracting a broader audience.

One video can take on various forms for use across multiple areas of your content strategy. Repurposing content maximizes a video investment. Get the most out of your project by working with a video partner to optimize your videos for use on various channels.


1. We created a series of physician profiles for Sanford Health's Provider Directory. We took a segment of this video and created a 15-second clip for use on their social channels. This video will drive a viewer to their website where they can learn more about this particular physician.

2. Recently one of our clients used a Patient Testimonial for their website and promoted it on YouTube. As a result, in 3 months, it received 66,000 views within their local community. Again, an excellent opportunity to lead a viewer to where you want them to go – in this case, their Cardiology Service Line page.


How will video fit into your content strategy for 2020?

Our team can work with you to set up a video strategy that fits in seamlessly into your existing content strategy. We provide insight into how videos effectively communicate and drive results with your specific patient audience.

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